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Basic Course
Designed for those who have never tried kitesurfing and want to start with this sport. The Basic Course is the first module through which you will learn to pilot the kite until you get to the first start. The objectives that are set are the precise search for the zenith and the departure with the steady-pull technique


Intermediate course
After the basic course, if you want to progress and become independent in managing the kite, we recommend this course. With the Intermediate Course, you will learn to walk the first few meters on the board and get a correct navigation posture. The primary objective we set ourselves is navigation in all directions


Advanced Course
The Advanced Course is the last module and is suitable for all kitesurfer who wish to progress and improve their skills. The primary objectives of the advanced course are the navigation and learn the first basic jumps, as well as learning the Self Rescue technique.


We offer different types of courses structured in modules according to your needs and requirements. Starting from the basic course, if you are a beginner, we will soon lead you to become independent kiter.